Important Notice

On or around November 1, 2017, National Bank Financial Inc. (NBFI), National Bank Financial Ltd. (NBFL), National Bank Direct Brokerage Inc. (NBDB) and National Bank Correspondent Network Inc. (NBCN) will amalgamate to become a single securities brokerage firm under the legal name of National Bank Financial Inc. (hereinafter, “the Amalgamation”). NBFI, NBFL, NBDB and NBIN are wholly owned subsidiaries of National Bank of Canada.

The current activities of NBCN will continue to be carried out under the trade name National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), as a division of National Bank Financial Inc. following the Amalgamation. National Bank Financial Inc. will manage your personal information under the same practices to which you consented before the Amalgamation.

In connection with the Amalgamation, National Bank Financial Inc. will also become the plan administrator or sponsor for all registered plans offered through us and for which Natcan Trust Company acts as the trustee.

A copy of each registered plan’s new Declaration of Trust and related documentation listed hereunder are available:


Your client's relationship with us will remain the same – there will be no changes to your account(s), the services you receive from us, or the offerings available to you. You will continue to enjoy all the same rights and benefits.


Nothing at all – it will be “business as usual” for you. You will not be charged any additional fees in connection with the Amalgamation, your registered plan contract number(s) will remain valid for reference purposes, and your account(s) will continue to be managed in the same way without any action required on your part.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us. If you have further questions about any of the above, please contact your investment advisor or your portfolio manager.