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Becoming an independent wealth manager

The benefits of going independent

Making the switch to independence means you can get the most for yourself and your clients.

  • Enhanced revenue potential
  • Opportunities to explore different trading strategies
  • Manage your client relationships as you see fit
  • Increased freedom to make decisions based on clients’ interests
  • Potential for greater enterprise value realized upon retirement
  • Control over strategic decisions related to your firm

Insights on Independence

Advisors across the country have made the transition to independence. Learn what it takes to carve your own path.

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Getting Started

Calculate your earning potential

See how much you could earn as an independent portfolio manager with our income calculator.

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Becoming independent

From registration to compliance, going independent requires a few key steps.

What to consider

Regulatory & Compliance Considerations

Explore what to keep in mind from a risk and regulatory perspective when making the jump to independence.

Legal insights

Readiness checklist

Find out if you have everything in place to launch your own firm.

Independence checklist

Make the switch to independence

Discover what NBIN has to offer

National Bank Independent Network 


the freedom to build your business in your own term
the flexibility to serve your clients as you see fit
a solution to help you realize your vision


our robust and reliable technology
the convenience of a single portal
the gateway to tools, services and information

Account opening
Account management
Asset servicing
Industry research
Data and reporting


the strength and stability of National Bank of Canada
the confidence of dedicaded support
the freedom of independence

National Bank Independent Network
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